Fine Mist Nozzle 38mm (1.5")

Fine Mist Nozzle 38mm (1.5")

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Part# 461425100

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    For those hard to reach places, mobile trailers, cellars, attic fires, under vehicles, around corners, etc.

    The WFR Fine Mist Nozzle is the answer to the age old problem.

    With this newly designed nozzle tip, this tool gives a flow of 95 gpm (430 lpm) in a "ball-shaped" pattern.

    Applicators are available in 10 ft. models with a 60 degree elbow and shutoff, this tool is ready for attachment to your 1.5" (38mm) hose line.

    Can be used with Class A and AFFF foams. 

    Nozzle made of stainless steel with 1" (25mm) NPSH male inlet.

    Task Force Tips - SHO-FLOW Series

    Specifications for Fine Mist Nozzle 38mm (1.5")

    Product Type Fog Nozzle, Applicator & Shut-off or Fog Nozzle only or Applicator Only or 38mm Shutoff for Applicator only