N95 Anti-Bacterial Mask w/ Exhalation Valve

N95 Anti-Bacterial Mask w/ Exhalation Valve

Part# 710005373

    The N95 mask with the valve is designed for comfort and is for use to prevent build up of heat behind the mask. So it is designed to filter incoming air only. 

    *Please note: this mask is not to be used by anyone with the virus as the valve allows the air to escape.

    • Sold individually

    • One size fits all.

    • Adjustable nose clip.

    • Ear band sealing design.

    • 5-layer filter guard protection:

    1. Non-Woven Outer Layer - the top layer of the mask filters out almost 98% of airborne particles, dust, seasonal allergies, smoke, car exhaust, pollution.

    2. PP Cotton - isolates dust

    3. Activated Carbon - absorption of dust, peculiar smells and harmful particles.

    4. N95 Melt Blown Layers - effective filtration of smaller particles.

    5. Skin Friendly PP Cotton - skin friendly, filter missing particles.

    Exhalation Valve - an aerodynamic bonnet style valve helps guide the air flow.

    • Valve Closed on inhale - Good air tightness & blocks the entrance of polluted air.

    • Valve Open on exhale - Lower respiratory resistance & easy to remove heat and moisture.

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